Experience Marks Cameron Poetzscher’s Career Arc

Cameron PoetzscherThe key experience that led to Cameron Poetzscher’s choice as Uber’s Head of Corporate Development would have to be his long 17-year career position with Goldman Sachs, where he served as a global investment banker. There, he advised many large and sophisticated clients on a large number of complex, high-profile mergers and acquisition transactions, IPOs and other financings. Beyond Goldman, the bulk of Cameron Poetzscher’s career seems to have been laser-focused on the tech sector, especially when it comes to the Internet, media and telecom areas, but that isn’t all he has to offer. He also has also worked with companies in many other fields, including diverse areas like healthcare, financial, industrial, and real estate. His experience is also global in scope, given that he has helped to mastermind deals on five continents.

For many years before he became ride-sharing behemoth Uber’s Head of Corporate Development, Cameron Poetzscher proved himself over and over again as a highly competent and talented finance, operational and deal-making executive and specialist. For example, he was at Goldman Sachs for about 17 years, and he provided the best possible guidance to many companies, including several in the Fortune 50, as well as numerous other sophisticated business clients.