The Combination of Finance and Tech Drives Cameron Poetzscher

Cameron PoetzscherFrom his most recent perch as the Head of Corporate Development for one of the greatest technology success stories in history, Uber, Cameron Poetzscher has been showing everyone why he is one of the best in the business. In taking that position, he is attempting to leverage his hard-earned reputation as an executive with proven finance skills and operational deal-making experience in a way that will serve to make Uber an even greater force in the tech and ride-sharing spaces. Cameron Poetzscher is regarded as a great problem solver, due to his tendency to use the best of his creative and analytical skills in his approach to every problem. He seems to work best under high-pressure, challenging conditions and he has somehow taught himself to make the best of them.

Well before he agreed to become an executive with Uber, Mr. Poetzscher had a very long career as a difference-maker during a long 17-year career as a global investment pro with Goldman Sachs. While at Goldman, Cameron accumulated a lot of experience and developed a high level of expertise when he led difficult negotiations. He also became a specialist in the areas of partnerships and acquisitions and he also made a lot of huge deals. He also provided plenty of investment advice and guidance to the most sophisticated and demanding clients anywhere in the world, from Fortune 50 companies to pre-IPO start-ups that had been backed by leading venture capital firms and everything in between.

Cameron Poetzscher has been a key player in many high-profile mergers and acquisition transactions, IPOs and other financings. His clients included a great number of industry leaders and innovators, like Uber, for example. Most of Cameron’s long career has been focused primarily on the technology, media and telecommunications sectors, with a concentration on the Internet and entertainment areas, although he also has considerable experience working with companies in many other fields, including the financial, healthcare, consumer products, natural resources, industrial, and real estate areas. His experience has also been international, having worked on deals in every corner of the world, having done deals on five continents.